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Feeling and Sensing in High Definition, Nature Style

I feel so alive here.  The beauty that surrounds us is so intangible. It is neither grand, nor perfect. On the contrary, it is simple and modest. Its simplicity and quietness allow for very deep sense of harmony to wash over me, making me feel in tune to nature. I feel that I belong to this world in a way I can not feel, sense or be in cities.

This morning, a flock of birds flew right on top of us. They won’t do so unless your body is completely immersed in water. But what a feeling… And that flight revels the flows of air and winds all day long. They reveal the hidden flows of nature in the same way schools of fish do in the sea.

I have never been in a place where wild life co-exists with humans so well. The fishing community and the birds are fascinating to watch. The co-working they do happens in silence but is so efficient at cleaning the fish.

I am beginning to understand why this culture is so attractive to me. It is a sensorial culture, in the sense that language explicitly uses all senses, not just verbal or oral.  Whistling for instance, is a common mode of interactions, so are smell, music and behavior. It is incredible how sensitive people are to how others’ feel here. People spend a lot of time observing here, each other, nature and other things and it makes their knowledge about their environment seem much more intuitive then ours.

I had the pleasure of swimming in the ocean with five kids yesterday and to observe the learning about the sea that happens in the waves. The sea here is like no other I have been in before in that it is much more dangerous to the novice. The waves are most of the time vigorous and require a certain understanding of water to not get smashed.

Depending on how you approach the sea, the waves will dance with you or hurt you. The kids were dancing in a furry of waves, just meters away from danger. But all knew exactly where to draw the line. If you force your way in, the waves will reject you. If you learn to know them, the water will dance with you but always challenging you.  The sea can not be controlled, it needs to be understood. Just like everything. The consequences of not understanding are much greater here, the sea is unforgiving. It is a dangerous environment but when you observe it you become aware of its rhythm and warning signs. You know how to enter the wave, when not to enter. Respecting its moods and its power. This harmony is so intense and powerful and freeing. I feel like a dolphin when I plunge in the root of the wave and let its flow carry my body to the top of its edge. When a wave that looks impenetrable lets me in as if I were a fish simply gliding in the water, I feel alive and belonging.

I am beginning to understand how the full moon influences me. My intuition gets much stronger, the closer we are to the full moon. My vision completely changes, both physically and spiritually. I see light differently, more intensely, and with different patterns. As if I was seeing another layer of reality appear and disappear. The water has a unique quality here and it is easy to imagine it is something else.  I am also much more empathic when the moon is full.

wow… We are so connected to nature… Too bad we have forgotten that.




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