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Made it to Nicaragua

We made it to Nicaragua. Five days in and the trip is already starting to work wonders on us.
My eldest son is not biting his nails for the first time in his life, my second is calming down too. Less rash, huge amount of physical activities. He is still reacting to foods but he as he gains more self control things are a bit easier since he knows what to avoid.

We have started doing some math and writing work together. It is fascinating to see how deferent the boys are. Once thrives on work books while the to er can’t stand them. I am reading a book on a kinesthetic approach, hopefully it will give me some strategies to help him….

We are already getting into a routine.
Get up, quiet play time for kids while I exercise. Then ocean swim. Then art. Lunch. Play.msome research on things that interest the kids. Gardening for me, Lego play for them. Supper. Night outside playing with their friends….
So far, pretty good.
We have made an habitat for a white leopard. Learned about nazi and concentration camps. Gone deep sea fishing.



2 thoughts on “Made it to Nicaragua

  1. Great to hear that you have made it to Nicaragua and you are all doing well…

    Posted by Janice | December 17, 2011, 8:59 pm

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