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Welcome to Reiki Kids

Welcome to Reiki Kids.

Reiki Kids

When I created the first Reiki Kids program I sought the advise of experts. One of my colleagues, Alison Normore, holds a PhD. in Childhood Education. She has spent many years working in child development and program evaluation so she became a valuable resource. She also had her Level II Reiki and wanted to support my project. Another woman who I called in as a resource was, Heidi Klaming. She was a teacher and had spent many years teaching creative arts to children. Heidi had been practicing Reiki since the early 90’s and was a Reiki Master. Both Alison and Heidi wanted to be part of the first program and were an immense help to me when we put our creative minds together.

We decided that we wanted to direct the program to children aged between 6 and 12 years and so the first Reiki Kids program was in the works. I wanted a place that wouldn’t restrict the children in any way. A small retreat center where I often teach my Reiki Master classes was rented for the first workshop. There was plenty of room for the children both indoors and out. The wood plank floor would make it easy to clean up any of their creative endeavors and the furniture was well worn and comfortable.

more at: Welcome to Reiki Kids.


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