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Intuitive children « Raising a Sensitive Child

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Another awesome post from Janice.

Intuitive children

Sensitive children are often highly intuitive. Some use the terminology indigo or crystal children, which refer to the colour of indigo children’s energetic field, and the crystalline vibration of crystal children.

Characteristics of crystal children here. They are highly sensitive and intuitive children that are vulnerable to health issues due to their sensitive energy fields. Crystal children are more likely to develop neurotoxins, digestive issues, weakened immune systems and autism. Many children being born in recent years are crystal children.

Characteristics of indigo children here. Indigo children are also highly sensitive, generally have a sense of entitlement and have difficulty with authority. They are said to be “system busters”. Indigos are generally older than crystals and are said to have “prepared the planet” for the highly sensitive crystal children. Many indigos are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Highly intuitive children can often see and sense the spirit world.

The tips for raising a sensitive child page is very  applicable to raising highly intuitive children.

Care of the energetic body

  1. Try smudging (using the smoke from sage stick) your child’s body, room and home to clear the energy of the room (may not be recommended if your child has asthma — we still use it sparingly since I love it so much).
  2. Consider putting crystals in your child’s room. More here.
  3. Spend as much time outdoors as possible, preferably in nature.
  4. Teach your child yoga, a martial art, and/or tai chi.
  5. Consider registering your child for a Reiki for Kids or an Integrated Energy for Kids class.  More here. My son was attuned to Reiki I when he was 3.5 years old.
  6. Find an energy healer. I am a shamanic healer who specializes in energy healing for children and their families. I facilitate distance healing sessions for families around the world.
  7. Try putting a himalayan salt crystal lamp in your child’s room. Our son started to sleep through the night after we put one of these in his room.
  8. If your child has trouble sleeping, some tips here. (These were tips that I used when my son was 2.5 years old).
  9. Ten techniques to ground and balance your child’s energy here. More useful tips at http://www.energyconnectiontherapies.com.

Care of the Spirit Body

This is going to vary depending on your family’s beliefs. This is what we do:

  1. We teach our son that God is everywhere, including within us.
  2. We talk to God, Spirit, angels and nature on a daily basis.  The spirit world is very real to our son and to us.
  3. Nature is our church.
  4. Every night, we discuss  ”What are you thankful for” or “What do you thank God for?”, and “What is your special wish?”
  5. If your child mentions talking to or seeing spirits or angels, s/he probably is. More here.
  6. Information about shamanic ceremony for children here.
  7. If your child has had any major traumas (emotional, physical), a soul retrieval may help.
  8. Book recommendation –  The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents: Guiding your Children to Success and Fulfillment by Deepak Chopra. More here.

Blogs of parents who are raising highly sensitive and intuitive children

Taking the Lid off the Sun – practical information about raising a sensitive and intuitive child, and more recently, writing about the conscious education of our children

Ripened Mama – soulful mama of a highly sensitive child and dear friend

A Tale of Two Crystals – parenting two sensitive sons who can sense and see spirits

Crystal Baby Crowned – psychic communication with her highly sensitive baby

Raising Crystal Children support group – support group for parents who are raising crystal children

Raising Crystal and Rainbow Children Facebook group

Other useful links

The Energy Connection website has great tips on a variety of energy balancing techniques for sensitive children, including:

Channelled information

Website with lots of information about raising crystal and indigo children: http://www.starchildglobal.com/.  Scroll down on the index on the lefthand side of the page and click on “The New Children: Indigos and Crystals”.

The Indigo Revolution – Full length documentary (1 hour 8 min) about sensitive children, educational paradigms, honouring individual’s gifts, life purpose, spiritual evolution on the planet.

Doreen Virtue’s website  has useful information about sensitive http://www.angeltherapy.com/article1.php.  Doreen Virtue is also the author of the book, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children, which includes practical advice for raising sensitive children, as well as how to communicate with the angelic realm and ask for help with raising your child. I love all of Doreen Virtue’s books.

Useful information for parents of indigo and crystal chldren: http://www.starchild.co.za/info.html

A Place of Light is dedicated to the support of intuitive children and their families and friends

Helping Children Shine

Highly Sensitive Shine

The Highly Sensitive Family – article by Liz Pilley about her highly sensitive family


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