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How To Take a Shamanic Journey | Warrior Mind Coach – Helping You Achieve Peak Performance

How To Take a Shamanic Journey

Richard Whitley (author of “The Corporate Shaman”)


For most shamans, the shamanic journey is the primary method used to access the other worlds where the spirit helpers are found. While the specific process for journeying may vary from one shaman to another, the steps outlined below represent those that are practiced by a great many and are very effective.

You do not have to have any special skills or attributes to conduct a journey. This process is not reserved for a select few “tapped in” individuals. While some may find journeying challenging, most will be able to master this relatively simple process if not on the first try, then in one or two attempts thereafter. I remember well my first effort. While a friend drummed the monotonous beat that supports the journey by facilitating a change of one’s state of consciousness, I reviewed once again the steps outlined in Michael Harner‘s classic book, The Way of the Shaman. I donned my blindfold and successfully entered the lower world for what would be the first of thousands of times.

By journeying to the lower world, as Jason Hand did for Mark, you will be able to find your own power animal and in so doing enrich and empower your life. When found and used, this wonderful animal totem will be your guide and advisor for as long as you wish it to be.

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