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Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense

reblog of article: Habits That Make A Lot Of Zense.
by Amit Sodha on November 15, 2011

in Personal Growth


Habits add up to give us the results of our day to day lives. The continuation of old habits can only lead to the same results over and over. Unless you find a way to interrupt old habits and formulate new ones you will never see different results.

The archaic method of trying to force yourself into new habits will never yield results. There are many more creative ways to start new habits so that they stick for life; that is, until you decide to change them again.

I’ve created ways to make habit forming enjoyable as possible. So rather than it being a hard slog, it actually becomes a fun thing. Whether it be using games or the pleasure principle, the following suggestions should help you to install and start new habits.


1. Becoming aware – The attention game

Sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. Runaway thoughts can get you stressed and hyper. To change that habit, at random intervals during the day, stop and step outside of yourself and pay attention what was going through you mind in that moment. Was it random nonsense or was it something worthwhile for your life? You could even set your alarm and do it at specific intervals during the day.

This game will allow you to take control of your mind rather than letting it run wild.

2. Laughing more – A Regular injection of humour

Life for me has no meaning without jokes or laughter; it’s why I became a stand-up comedian. I remind myself of that and use jokes to stop taking life so seriously. Subscribe to a joke website. Whenever you get sent one that makes you laugh and share it with 10 people. Make then laugh and make yourself laugh. Bring as much laughter into your life as you can.

Save some as part of a repertoire so that next time you’re at a social gathering, share them with everyone and just observe how contagious the laughter can be.

3. Enjoyable activities – Pleasure over pain

I’m not a fan of going to the gym. I just don’t enjoy it, I could never stay fit that way. I have two loves when it comes to exercise. Badminton, and hill running. I love them so much that I never need to be motivated to go. I don’t need a personal trainer or a coach. My love of those activities drives me to do them.

Don’t ever force yourself to do a regime you don’t enjoy. Find an activity that is fun, gives you exercise and most importantly one you love; so much so that you never need to be motivated to do it.

4. Being mindful – The ‘present’ habit.

To become mindful and present I play a very simple game. While walking, I tune into the furthest sound I can hear, or I try and focus my gaze on the most distant object I can see. Or if I’m walking past a bird or beautiful flower I try and zoom in with my eyes to see the intricate details.

This habitual exercise makes becoming present a very simple process. It’s takes no special effort or skill and you can do it at any time.

5. Good vibez – The vibration game.

Pay attention to what vibe you’re giving off. You can usually tell by how you’re feeling in the moment. If you’re feeling down, you’re emanating a lower vibration, if you’re feeling good, you’re emanating a higher vibration. Pick a time during the day and see what you can do to get from where you feeling, to feel better. So, reach for a better thought, put on a piece of music or watch your favourite comedy. If you feel better, you’ve raised your vibration.

Now see what else you can do to raise it further. Whether it be doing more of the same, or trying something different, just keep it going up. Each time try and take it up a level.

6. Zen – The meditation habit.

Here’s a simple change to make meditation more effective. Most people will sit down to meditation, the trouble is it’s too easy to get distracted and tired while you’re sitting or lying down. Strike a pose, (vogue :lol: ) then meditate! Whether it be a dance pose, a martial arts stance, or just standing straight, then try and meditate for 10 mins.

You’ll find that you’ll be able to concentrate for longer and you’ll maintain the habit of meditation. Finding the time to ‘sit’ and meditate never works. Just do it whenever you can and wherever you are.

7. Productivity – The 30 minute habit

I used to be the chief procrastinator of procrastinators…if there were a race of procrastinators I would’ve been the king of the land! I used to get distracted so easily so I created a very simple method to get productive. I use a countdown timer on my phone. I set it for 30 minutes and I set to work. If I’m writing an article I do my best to get the whole thing done, written, edited an ready to go in the 30 minutes…that’s a stretch most of the time so I aim for at least 90% and then I finish the rest as quickly as I can.

It’s a simple method to stay focussed. I do nothing else for that 30 mins, only write, no checking Facebook, Twitter or your mobile phone…just focus on the task at hand.

8. Capturing creativity – The naked dictation game

If you suffer from any form of creative block, take live dictation of your thoughts. Whatever is going on in your head, write it down. The purpose is simple; do it to get clarity and to capture gems of inspiration as they happen, you never know when one of those thoughts is going to be your king maker.

Try these really simple games and methods to install new habits. You know it makes Zense!

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