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Native American Spirituality – The Culture

The Culture


by WOLF MOONDANCE A Shaman of the Osage People

It’s a good time to be alive. In this day and age in America, we have a freedom of religion that allows us the opportunity to express our individualism. That has never existed before. This is a time where we have come as people to stand in the space of the emergence of a new age; a time when many religions are gathering together. It is a good time to be alive! When I thought about doing this article, I listened quietly. I listened for a long time to the She Wolf inside myself. I listened. And I became the Wolf within me, the White Wolf Woman.

The concept of Wolf Medicine has come to be greatly misunderstood. It has come to be associated with other creatures and apparitions, like WereWolf, astral Vampire, Big Foot, Druid, Faire, Nature Spirit, Night Hag, Skunk, Ape, WereBear, the Yeti, the Ponik, and the PolyMode. These names are attempts at describing dimensional shifters, or shape changers. These are terms that, for the most part, are born of superstitious mind, working from incomplete knowledge of the things of this plane and their natural rhythms.

via Native American Spirituality – The Culture.



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