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Sensory Integration to Schools, Homes and Businesses

Occupational therapists use a sensory integrative frame of reference when addressing a child’s development of functional skills from a sensory standpoint (Kimball, 1999a). Using the sensory integrative approach, the therapist analyzes the child’s processing of vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile sensations in relation to his or her ability to learn and move, essential components of the child’s daily life. Sensory integration theory postulates that difficulties with processing sensory information can impede a child’s acquisition of concept and motor learning. Using sensory integrative principles, the therapist incorporates meaningful activities that provide specific sensory stimuli to elicit an adaptive response, thereby assisting the child in his or her overall motor and conceptual learning (Fisher & Murray, 1991).

via Sensory Integration to Schools, Homes and Businesses.



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