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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? « Inner Simplicity with Empathic Guidance

Yesterday I wrote about the joys of solitude. For some people, ‘me-time’ is a necessary part of their self-nurturing. I regularly need to have some quiet time alone in my home to maintain my equilibrium – if I spend too long in an urban environment or anywhere with a ‘bad’ atmosphere, I start to feel uncomfortable and restless. When I spend time out and about with my partner, he can always tell when I’m ready to return to the peace of my sanctuary. (Just to give you an idea of how peaceful it is, the picture accompanying this article is the view at sunset from my blissfully tranquil back garden….)

However, I wasn’t always aware of this need. Rather than listening to my inner guidance, in my younger days I was more determined to feed the needs of my ego, resulting in not enough downtime and an extremely frazzled nervous system. Fortunately, having taken the time to get to know myself and listen to the wisdom of my inner guidance, I am now confident and clear about what is good for me and what isn’t, resulting in a firsthand experience of how self-awareness helps us heal holistically and brings harmony and serenity into our lives.

If alone-time is crucial in your life, then you may be one of life’s ‘Highly Sensitives’. If you’ve ever been called ‘too sensitive’, or felt that your view of life seems different to that of everyone else, then check out the article reproduced below which describes the HSP in more depth. And remember – insight is the first step towards positive change… 🙂

via Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? « Inner Simplicity with Empathic Guidance.


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