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 sensitiveperson.com Articles and Stories Index.

Articles and Stories Index

A Different Perspective – A Gift to Share
I always sensed I was given a special gift – a gift that I wanted to share with the world

Desensitizing Your Fight or Flight Response
Creating a sense of safety in your life by changing the meaning of your experiences.

Emotional Life Path of a HSP
On emotions, feelings, a wrecked marriage, a career crisis and a self-esteem pitfall.

Knowing What You Really Want
It’s not about what can I get, but what can I give?

My Life to Age 19
Being alone was always my thing. I liked observing and thinking.

Not Really a Disability, but Sort of; Being a HSP
My hope is to shed some light on this area that is not really a disability, but sort of.

6 Tips on How to Not Let Your Relatives Ring Your Holiday Bell
Are you one of those people who dread the holidays?

Surviving party dread
An overwhelming aversion to parties of any kind, shape or form has limited my life.

Ten Tips for coping with sensitivity in a professional environment
How highly sensitive people survive and even flourish in crowded office environments.

The Camp Counselor
Meeting a sensitive counselor at summer camp who shares a new perspective on life.

Transcending “Survival” – Tips for the Innately Sensitive Working Mom
Exploring ways to thrive in the role of a sensitive working mother.

My Lifestyle for Health
Fundamental aspects of a simple, basic and clean healthy lifestyle.

On Being Stuck
On being stuck in a relationship, a job, an apartment, an addiction or in daily tasks.

Some Thoughts On Harmony
Expanding awareness of the ways which support our lifestyle, our life and our soul.

Spiritual Unfolding Process
Spiritual unfolding is a process of learning about the essence of who we are.

The Dancing Instructor
On dancing, bullies, humiliation, dreams and the healing feather touch of God.

What is Good Health
Some good health suggestions and how to think about your habits and lifestyle.


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