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HSPs are especially vulnerable to picking up on other people’s moods and emotions, especially negative energy. If you find yourself at a mall, or in a room with others and you begin to feel anxious or start getting a headache, ask yourself is this your headache, or someone elses? Get away from there, leave the room for a bathroom break or go to your car and recline the seat, put on a little new-age music or earplugs, make it a point to recharge your batteries before you’re completely spent. My friend Dr. Judith Orloff wrote a book all about how HSPs are susceptible to other people’s negative energy, called Energy Vampires, and there’s a recent article in Oprah’s “O” magazine called “Sponge People” which describes how HSPs can be almost a magnet for toxic energy. You need to take steps to protect yourself.

via HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE — Spirituality Page.



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