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Abby Seixas: 6 Steps to Simplification – Beyond Blue

Abby Seixas: 6 Steps to Simplification

posted by Beyond Blue | 5:45am Wednesday February 25, 2009

Every week during Lent, I will focus on one of Abby’s Seixas’s six steps (in her book “Finding the Deep River Within”). As part of “Mindful Monday,” I will expand on one at the beginning of each week so that you can follow my program of simplification, if you’d like. Here they are.

Take Time-In. Taking time for ourselves. Again, I’m starting with one hour a week.

Make Boundaries. Taking back some control over daily interruptions.

Befriend Feelings. Getting still enough to confront some of the ugly feelings.

Tame Self-Expectations. The killers that lead us to perfectionism that can cripple our creativity.

Practice Presence. Mindfulness … trying to be present to what is going on right in front of you.

Do Something You Love. When I’m grounded and rested, this means writing from my heart.

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