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Awakening Awareness | Psychology Today

Awakening Awareness (reblogged)

What do you say to your kid?

Published on July 16, 2009 by Maureen Healy in Creative Development

Automatic parenting strikes again. Within 5 hours I observed 3 incidences of parents running on “automatic” mode without any seeming awareness as to how crucial their words, actions and behavior are to their child. I am not looking for perfection but I do wish to see more and more parents operating from a positive parenting style. This means less use of profanities, less threatening children with spanking and less discouragement. It is parenting from an informed optimistic, encouraging and conscious place.

Such parenting I know is happening. More parents have also been coming into my purview that really are being “positive and firm” in their approach, which is evidenced over and over again as the most effective parenting approach. It only happens through reviewing your automatic parenting style, assessing what works and what doesn’t and then consciously seeking to parent in a fashion that supports your child’s unique development – now this is awakening parental awareness.

More via Awakening Awareness | Psychology Today.



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