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Full Body Cleanse – Overview of Complete Detoxification Protocol

Full Body Cleanse – Overview of Complete Detoxification Protocol

Here, you will learn about how to carry out a full body cleanse using a complete detoxification protocol.

Various detox products and programs are becoming more popular as more people start to become more conscientious of their health. As with many emerging trends, there are numerous companies seeking to profit on the increased demand combined with limited knowledge among the general public and mainstream professionals.

Every product and program claims to be the best, and often offer semi-plausible explanations as to why this is the case. For anyone who is serious about taking care of their health through natural means, it is essential to gain a foundational understanding of detoxification concepts before looking at specific products or programs. This article will give you an overview of all the elements of an effective, complete detox program for carrying out a full body cleanse.

The Body Is Naturally Programmed With The Ability To Detoxify Itself

The body naturally has the inbuilt intelligence, if you will, to correct any imbalance and restore itself to a state of health and natural equilibrium. This includes the capability to detoxify every part of the body, thus carrying out natural full body cleanses.

The body never loses this inbuilt ability, but because of the massive burden of the modern degenerative lifestyle, the body’s natural functions are overwhelmed in most people. This is much like a high tech, automated factory that has sophisticated self-cleaning and maintenance systems. The systems never lose the programming to clean and maintain the factory.

However, if you constantly overload the system with far more waste than it was meant to handle, it will get clogged up. Nevertheless, if you stop overloading the system, and clear out the system’s elimination ports, it will naturally start functioning again, with no tinkering of the system.

The First Detoxification Priority of a Full Body Cleanse Protocol: Opening The Elimination Channels

The body has the inherent capability to detoxify itself, but it cannot do this if its elimination channels are blocked and calcified due to years of degenerative living. Imagine a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag that is completely stuffed. You can try and vacuum up dirt (toxins) all you want, but until you clear the dust bag, not much will happen. In fact, it could even make the mess temporarily worse, if the vacuum spews dust back into the air.

Thus, clearing the elimination channels is the critical first step of any good full body cleanse protocol.

The body’s largest primary elimination channel is the colon, followed by the kidneys. The largest secondary channel of elimination is the skin. If the primary elimination channels are not able to eliminate, then the body will seek to eliminate toxins through whatever means it can. This is the cause behind many skin issues; the body is not able to eliminate fully through the colon and kidneys, so it must come out elsewhere.

Because of this, the first and ongoing top priority when detoxifying the body through a full body cleanse process is to have the organs of elimination functioning healthily at full capacity. The colon, being the largest and often the most overloaded organ of elimination, is always the top priority, and as a general rule, should always be among the first things addressed with any full body cleanse detox program.

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