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Are You Highly Sensitive?

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Are You Highly Sensitive?

Learn more about being a Highly Sensitive Soul or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and the valuable gifts we have to share with the world:

Are You Highly Sensitive? You may not be sure you’re highly sensitive. Read here about what it means to be highly sensitive and what you need to support you.

Characteristics of Highly Sensitive Souls: A list of qualities of sensitive souls.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Newbie? An article for those who have just discovered they are sensitives.

What’s So Great About Being Highly Sensitive, Anyway? Find out what gifts being sensitive brings into your life.

Understanding Empathy: As sensitives, we are highly empathic, but may not fully understand what this means or how to address it.

Are Those Your Feelings? Find out how to tell the difference between your feelings and feelings you might be picking up on from other people,

Specific Challenges for Sensitive Souls

Work That Works for Sensitive Souls: Six Steps to Transform Your Career: For Sensitive Souls, the gift of sensitivity can sometimes feels like a handicap at work. Consider these six steps to transforming your career.

Living Your Calling – Taking the First Steps: Once you know what you’re meant to do, making the transition can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Consider these ideas to get you started.

Travel Tips for Sensitive Souls: If you’re highly sensitive, traveling can be quite a challenge. Here are tips to transform your travel experience.

Holiday Strategies for Sensitive Souls: The holidays can be challenging times for all of us, but sensitives have even more to contend with.

Beating the Winter Blues: Seasonal Survival for Sensitive Souls: For those of us who are sensitive to light, the winter and “June gloom” seasons can be particularly challenging.

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