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What is gentle teaching

Every person longs for companionship,a relationship, based on the four pillars:

– You feel safe with me
– you feel loved by me
– you feel loving towards me
– you feel connected with me

Gentle teaching is a way of supporting people with special vulnerabilities, in which developing companionship is the central focus. We have very good reasons for this:

First and most important is that it’s a human right to feel safe and loved. When a person doesn’t feel safe and love by his caregivers, that’s where we should start a.

Second reason is, that this relationship is needed to support the person when he/she feels emotionally or psychiatrically stressed. Is we cannot make warm contact with the person at this moment of stress, he may lose control and express his stress with harmful behaviors

Third reason is that we know that most harmful behaviors are caused by fear or feeling unsecure. Companionship enables us to reassure the person and decrease the fear or other ‘negative’ emotions.

Read more via What is gentle teaching.

They have many articles on methodologies, etc..



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