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Head Lice Home Remedies

There are many head lice home remedies available that will help you get rid of head lice. Each different home remedy will eliminate either adult lice or lice eggs. There are many recipes available online, but getting rid of head lice using simple products like olive oil or vinegar is possible and actually works very well. We will therefore focus on simple products you can find in your kitchen cabinets.

In this section we will give you pros and cons of using home remedies for head lice. Just like commercial products that contain chemical substances, and contrary to popular belief, some home remedies for treating head lice are not harmless to human health if they are not applied properly. Whenever we tell you about a natural lice treatment home remedy we will tell you if it can have side-effects and if you can use it safely.

Then, you will find information on the following remedies: how to apply a head lice olive oil treatment, using mayonnaise to treat head lice, tea tree oil for lice, and lice vinegar.

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Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

Any parent of children that have reached nursery or school age will know the frustration of dealing with head lice. Among all the treatments available, some people think about dying their hair. But does hair dye kill lice? What many people are unaware of is that head lice can quite happily live on adult heads […]

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Lemon Juice For Lice

One of the best home remedies for lice is lemon juice. This treatment is pretty safe and highly affordable. Let us take a look at why and how lemon juice for lice works to get rid of nits and how it should be applied. Lemon juice contains citric acid at a concentration of about 5%. […]

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Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Lice?

Many people do not want to apply strong pesticide shampoos to their kids’ heads to kill head lice. That is why home remedies are so popular. There are a lot of home treatments for lice, and alcohol is one of them. But does rubbing alcohol kill lice? It is a fact that people have successfully […]

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Lavender Oil For Lice

If you are looking for safe and natural ways to treat head lice, you should consider using lavender oil. This treatment does not contain any pesticides and can be used as a home pediculicide in case you are not allergic to lavender and lavender essential oil. Let’s take a look at how lavender oil for […]

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Listerine For Lice

Many parents in a search of safer home remedies for treating head lice think of Listerine. You may find many recommendations regarding using Listerine for lice online. However, this product was not created for head lice treatment. It is a mouth wash with an antiseptic in it. The product also contains a lot of alcohol. […]

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Vaseline For Lice

Sometimes people don’t want to use pesticide shampoos for treating head lice. Vaseline might be an alternative if you are a pregnant or breast feeding woman or if you have to treat kids for head lice. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of using Vaseline for lice. Vaseline is also called […]

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Looking For A Home Remedy For Head Lice?

Your kids came back home with head lice again and you are tired of using lice shampoos, or maybe you had no success with chemical products, and you are looking for a home remedy for head lice. Many parents use natural lice treatments like those used by our grand-mothers when they saw that children were […]

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FAQ – Head Lice Home Remedies

Head Lice & Vinegar Does vinegar get rid of head lice? You need to make a difference between adult lice and head lice eggs. Vinegar has the properties to dissolve the cement that glues head lice eggs to the hair shaft. But it has no ability to kill adult head lice. Thus you can use […]

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Using Mayonnaise To Treat Head Lice

If you are looking for natural lice treatments home remedies, you’ve probably heard of it and maybe it made you smile…mayonnaise to treat head lice? If you are skeptical, read on, you’ll learn why and how you can be using mayonnaise to treat head lice and get rid of these parasites. What is mayonnaise exactly? […]

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Head Lice Tea Tree Oil Home Remedy

The use of tea tree oil has become quite popular ultimately. It has interesting properties and you’ll find that people use tea tree oil for head lice and tea tree oil for prevention of head lice. What is tea tree oil? Tea tree oil is also called Melaleuca oil, as it comes from the plant […]

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