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The Easiest, Fastest Way To a Slimmer You

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If you are trying to lose weight, you probably want to do it as quickly as possible. This might lead you to try a number of fad diets or different tricks. Often, losing weight is difficult, and we look for easy options that provide fast results.

Keep in mind, to lose weight and be slimmer you must find a way to keep your weight off. This means that you cannot merely cut calories temporarily or embark on a three-day crash diet. You must find a healthy way to improve your overall appearance and make a real change.

Detoxing and cleansing are wonderful ways to lose weight and look better within just a few short weeks. During a cleanse and detox, you will shed pounds of excess body fat, toxins, and other undesirable matter that has built up in your body overtime. If you are toxic, you will have a very hard time losing weight, and here is why:

When you are eating a diet made up of toxic foods, you are taking in chemicals, fats, sugars, and additives. Since your body can only filter out so many of these it must store the rest of them in fat cells so that they don’t remain in the blood and make you sick. Therefore, the more toxins you take in, the more fat cells your body needs to keep on hand for storage.

Flushing these toxins out is the only way to lose weight and shed fat, but there are a few more reasons you have to cleanse and detox in order to lose weight and keep it off. Aside from toxins, toxic foods upset your pH balance. When your body’s pH is acidic, your digestive system ends up being distorted and your immune system is lowered. When the immune system is low, your body is not going to want to shed pounds, because it will be in stress mode.

Plus, with an acidic pH balance, your digestive system will have a hard time doing what it does. This is another reason you have to cleanse and detox to lose weight and keep it off. When your digestive system doesn’t work right, you end up storing fecal matter and rotting food particles in your lower intestine where they block your normal bowel movements and back up your entire system.

This, in turn, slows your metabolism and over time can even lead to irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic illnesses. This is why cleansing and detoxing are not just necessary for weight loss, they are the keys to a healthier, better you. A cleanse and detox will use natural foods to boost your immune system, rebalance your pH and digestive system, and help you shed pounds of fat and toxic waste.

via The Easiest, Fastest Way To a Slimmer You | Natural Detox Diet and Cleansing | Total Wellness Cleanse.


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