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Homeopathic Aggravations

Copyright Debra LeRoy B.Sc. DIHom FBIH., 2007 All Rights Reserved

Different Types of Aggravations

In Homeopathy, there are several kinds of aggravations that one may hear about. The list includes: homeopathic aggravations, modality aggravations (also ameliorations), medicinal aggravations, and disease aggravations. According to the dictionary, the verb aggravate is defined thusly “1. to make worse; intensify, as an illness, 2. To make heavier or more burdensome, as a duty. 3. ‘Informal’ to provoke or exasperate.” Well, this about sums it up. Aggravations can be good, or they can be bad. It all depends on which type you have and why. With these definitions in mind, we will take a look at the various types of aggravations and I will attempt to explain why you should be glad to see some kinds, but not so glad to see others.

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