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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

What’s Sodium Lauryl Sulfate? Who Cares?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – SLS – is an ingredient in many cleaning products, hygiene products, and toiletries we use daily. Its function is to remove grease and oil, which sounds like a good idea.

But it does its job so well that it also causes health issues ranging from eczema to canker sores. It’s so damaging to human skin that it’s used to violate the skin’s natural barrier function in lab tests. If a scientist wants to know what would happen if a chemical was absorbed by the skin, they first apply sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) to ensure the second chemical absorbs well.

People with sensitive skin are particularly susceptible, but even those who don’t have sensitive skin are affected. SLS is particularly associated with cold weather itchy, cracked, flaky, dry skin, even in those who would normally say they don’t have sensitive skin – and if you’ve got allergies, the problem is worse.

Read on to learn all about SLS and what you can do to avoid it and improve your health.

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