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CoQ10 For Fibromyalgia – Is It Effective?

CoQ10 is an essential molecule that is required for energy generation in the mitochondria. the mitochondrion is a specialized structure in each living cell designed to produce energy.

Studies are discovering that individuals suffering from fibromyalgia have lowering levels of coenzyme Q10, higher oxidative stress in their blood and mitochondria that are not operating at peak capacity.

The article Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 talks about all the benefits of CoQ10 for heart health so we won’t discuss them here.

Researchers believe that low levels of CoQ10 could compromise the ability of cells to produce the necessary energy needed by the cells, as shown in individuals who suffer from congestive heart failure.

Some experts are speculating that a CoQ10 supplement could, in part, reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.

Read on to find out what research studies have revealed… at: CoQ10 For Fibromyalgia – Is It Effective? Pharmacists Reveal The Benefits Of Taking Coenzyme Q10 For Fibromyalgia Symptoms..



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